Since everyone loves spring and most people love retro style clothing, very few people aren't thrilled that both are just around the corner. Since spring and retro style clothing just automatically go together, you can find a few of the hottest trends in retro clothing today, by reading on below. Crop Tops Crop tops aren't for everyone, face it, they aren't for many people. However, if you have the midriff to pull off a crop top, you should find a few and run like the wind with them. This was a popular item for Kelly from the TV series "Saved by the Bell," and it seems that this spring baring your midriff in retro style clothing is all the rage. Will you join in? Scarves Around the Neck With sad shades of Princess Diana, who wore these type of scarves in the 1980's, this spring is seeing a string of popular scarves in retro style clothing. Since there is truly no one right way to wear a scarf, you can be sure that you will see plenty of styles this summer. Don't let the scarves you had to wear all winter ruin you on this popular, lighthearted retro trend. Capris Dorothy Dandridge's classic 1950 floral capris cause many people to cringe. However, if you think about it, were they truly that bad? Paired with a nice light sweater, you can be the talk of all your friends this spring, when it comes to retro style clothing. Biker Jackets Okay, spring is still a little cool at times, right? Wynonna Ryder and Tori from "Saved by the Bell," thought so at least. You can wear a biker jacket with just about anything, but be careful, though leather jackets can make you look hot; there is a time and a place to wear them. You don't wear leather just anywhere you know. Trench Coats Who could forget Goldie Hawn in a trench coat? Whether it is the mid 1960's or today, you can pair this springs trench coats with everything from jeans to something a little fancier. Now, you shouldn't wear a trench coat to the Spring Fling of course, but the party afterwards is an option. Logo Sweaters Well, it seems that Liz Taylor's logo sweaters are making a comeback in time for spring this year. Though you probably wouldn't want to wear a logo sweater everywhere you go, one will be great when paired with a pair of nice slacks for a casual dinner date and a movie. Floral Prints Floral prints and the name Jane Fonda just go together, don't they? Floral prints have made a huge comeback and you can bet there will be a lot of women and girls sporting this retro style clothing this upcoming spring. These are just a few of the hottest retro style clothing trends you will want to try this upcoming spring. From floral prints to logo sweaters, this spring, retro has it going on like it never has before.

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