Planning for a pinup photo shoot can be fun, but it can also be a lot of work. There are many things you need to do when organizing the shoot including finding outfits to wear, figuring out what kinds of props and backgrounds you want to use, where your photo shoot will be, and who will be your photographer. That being said, once all the details have been finalized the photo shoot will be a great way to capture your pinup style to save forever. If you are wondering how to go about planning a pinup photo shoot, here is a list of some important things to remember. Pick a Photographer Based on Your Needs When looking for the right photographer to do your pinup photo shoot, look for someone skilled in portraits. Many, if not all, pinup photographs are in portrait style in front of a backdrop or in a public place. Let the potential photographers know what you are looking for and let them tell you about themselves. They should also bring a portfolio of their work so that you can see if that is the look you're going for. There will be many options to choose from online and in your area. Choose Your Outfits The most important process of a pinup photo shoot is making sure you look the part. If you do not already have the outfits you need, go to Jackdaw Landing online and pick some pinup style dresses, accessories, and shoes. Whether you want a more class pinup look or a rockabilly-inspired wardrobe, this online boutique will have all your vintage clothing needs in one place. Also, make sure you have some idea about how your hair and makeup will look so that you are fully prepared before the time of the shoot. Find the Location Many photo shoots for portraits are done in a studio in front of a background. If this is what you prefer, then make sure you have any props you might want with you. If you think you want to have your photo shoot done in your house or in a public space, let the photographer know beforehand so that you are both on the same page the day of the shoot. If you are unsure how you should pose or are nervous about the photo shoot, try to personify the classic pinup girls painted by Gil Elvgren and the women who inspired him. Practice the poses and faces they make before your photo shoot to give yourself a little practice. Organize Your Day To make sure that everything goes smoothly the day of the photo shoot, make a list of everything you need to take care of and all the things you'll need to do that day so that you aren't rushing at the last minute. Write down the times you will need to meet with the photographer, how long you have to studio that day, what time hair and makeup will be, and how many outfits you will have so that you have enough time to change into them all. Hire a Makeup and Hair Stylist Unless you are particular about how you like to do your hair and makeup, hiring a professional might be a good idea. They will be able to make you look like a classic pinup girl and can help you quickly change your hair and makeup to match each one of your outfits. After you have planned your photo shoot, you can relax and enjoy the day. Try not to stress yourself out over all the details, especially if you can't fit in everything you want. There will be other chances for you to do more photo shoots in the future!

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