There is a big difference between wearing something that’s retro and wearing something that’s just plain old! The big distinction is to always incorporate modern twists into what you’re wearing. It doesn’t work simply wearing something you’ve found in a vintage shop and matching it with other old things you may own. Online stores like do an excellent job of combining fabrics, patterns and accessories to ensure that retro pieces are modern with a nostalgic feel to them. Incorporating modern twists into your retro clothing wardrobe shouldn’t be an exercise in frustration. Here are a few ways to do it: Research - this is key! You can’t know what’s retro if you haven’t figured out what decade you’re in. The first thing you should do is research different time periods and their styles. Figure out what was iconic and why. That will give you a good basis to go from. It’s a bit tacky to include a variety of clothing pieces from a bunch of decades. It will inevitably lead to a very disjointed outfit and a totally messy look. Figure out what your base is representing and then figure out what modern touches to add. Add contrasting styles together - for instance, why not do a pinup hairdo but color your hair pink or green? Likewise, you can wear a poodle skirt but add a denim jacket and some cute running shoes. Maybe you can wear a very retro wiggle dress but add modern cutouts. The list is literally endless. It’s a great way to create a personal style that is very difficult to copy..or predict. It adds a lot of fun and adventure to getting dressed and turns it into an artform instead of a chore! Think about accessories - this is vitally important. Instead of opting for the normal, add vintage necklaces, hair clips, rings and bracelets to the mix. This will add just the right amount of retro styling. Or, you can go the other way around. Why not add modern hairpieces and jewelry to a vintage look? It’s important to make sure that you don’t overpower any look with an accessory. Make sure they blend together seamlessly rather than scream out. The entire look may be loud and unconventional, but no one part should be overtaking the other. Planning an outfit includes a lot of forethought. It’s worth it to see the open-mouthed stares when you hit the streets! Incorporating modern twists into retro clothing is very important if you want to pull of a look that is memorable and unique. Doing your research, contrasting styles with one another and going for the perfect accessories will make this easier than you expect. It might be a little bit challenging the first few times you try but, with practice, you’ll soon see all of it coming together in your mind the first time you hear about a special event or see a new item you simply have to have in your collection. Have fun, dare to be different and walk with your head raised high!

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