Rockabilly is a type of style that combines classic 50's rock-n-roll with country in a modern-day look. Rockabilly clothing ranges from pencil skirts and swing skirts to cropped trousers and halter-tops. While it may be easy to pick out some pieces to wear that nail down your rockabilly style, you may be wondering what kind of accessories to stylize your clothing with. For a large selection of accessories, check out Jackdaw Landing's retro style boutique. Hair Bows and Bandanas Rockabilly style likes to incorporate hair bows, flowers, or bandanas in hairstyles to give it a little something extra. When doing your hair, tie it up in a beehive-like style and wrap a bandana around it, do victory rolls and add a flower to the side, or pin it back with a hair bow and style your bangs so they're nice and full. If you like simpler hairstyles, soft waves have a vintage feel to them. Many women will also dye their hair black, blonde, or deep red to give their rockabilly look an extra boost. Necklaces, Earrings, and Bracelets Rockabilly jewelry is reminiscent of the 1950's, so when choosing accessories remember to think old school. Pearl earrings were very popular during this decade, as were chunky necklaces to match. Put a modern twist on your rockabilly jewelry collection by adding elements like skulls, sparrows, and anchors to your necklaces and earrings. Don't be afraid to try new things either! At Jackdaw Landing, you'll have the chance to choose from many different jewelry options. Brooches and Pins Extend the knowledge you now know about rockabilly-inspired jewelry and apply that to brooches and pins. Pinning a brooch to the lapel of your pinup-style dress adds to the 1950's feel. Look for pins and brooches with skulls, sparrows, anchors, or Victorian cameos to wear. Cigarette Cases and Pill Boxes One of the most common accessories owned by women in the 1950's was a cigarette case. It made a much better fashion statement to carry a cigarette case in your handbag than the pack they came in. Dainty pillboxes were also popular and many people now are starting to use them again. Pictures of pinup girls or rockabilly symbols like sparrows and skulls can add vintage flair to these accessories. Petticoats and Underskirts Adding a petticoat underneath skirts makes your dresses look fuller and gives you a more retro look. Petticoats and underskirts are made with layers of organza or lace to add volume, and many styles are made to peek out from the bottom of the dress. Petticoats can come in all lengths, but many are made about knee length, as that was the popular style of 1950's dresses. At a retro style boutique, you will be able to find petticoats in many lengths and colors to match all your pinup girl dresses. Handbags, Gloves, and Eyeglasses Vintage handbags reminiscent of the 1950's are usually square or oblong with clasps at the top. Handbags were held, not out over the shoulder, so look for purses with short straps. Gloves were also popular in the 1950's, especially when women went out. When buying gloves, keep them short and simple. Lastly, complete your rockabilly style with cat eyeglasses or vintage Ray Bans. For all your rockabilly style needs go to Jackdaw Landing's online boutique for a vast selection. Finding the right accessories to fit your personality and style won't be hard when browsing this website. You'll find all the things you need in one shop!

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