The vintage look has come back to America with a vengeance and many, many people, both guys and gals, have started getting in on the retro look. Swing dresses and swing dances have become extremely popular as well. If you are going to a swing dance in the near future, then you don't want to ruin your swing dress by wearing the wrong style of shoes. Read on below for some tips on what shoe styles mesh well with the swing dresses that you love. Low or Medium High Heels There are many styles of shoes out there from the 30's, 40's, and 50's that mesh well with whichever swing dress you choose to wear. You should remember that swing dancing is an active dance and you want high heel shoes that are comfortable, not heels that you might very well break your neck in. It is best to choose a low to medium high heel to wear with your swing dress, so that you will look retro but still be able to dance the night away with your partner in tow. It is also best to choose a thick heel over a thin strappy heel. Swing dancing is very energetic, so if you have never done a lot of swing dancing, you will want to stick to thick heels until you have had more practice. Yes, your legs will look great under your swing dress with high heels, but you want look great when you have to leave the dance due to a broken ankle. Canvas Shoes Nothing ruins the look of a swing dress faster than seeing a girl wearing a pair of Pumas or Adidas with it. Modern style shoes should never be worn with vintage clothing. If you are going to wear flat shoes to the swing dance, then you need to either invest in a pair of slip on or lace up canvas shoes instead. These shoes are great for dancing, because they form themselves to your foot and you don't have to worry about taking off your partners kneecaps with a high heel during some of the kicks of the dance. Some Other Tips Below you will find a few more tips to help you choose the right pair of shoes to complement your swing dress for the swing dance. • Make sure to avoid buying rubber-soled shoes as they will stick to the dance floor and inhibit your moves. • Dance sneakers are another great option for shoes that mesh well with swing dresses and let you tear up the dance floor as well. • Always choose shoes that you are going to be comfortable in. Remember, it's about having fun at the dance, not being miserable. These are just a few types of shoes that mesh well with swing dresses. If you are headed to the dance, then you will want to make sure that you follow the tips above. No high, high heels and have the time of your life at the dance.

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